Travel to Bhutan
Travel to Bhutan where centuries old traditions blend harmoniously with
modern times to create a fairytale realm like no other. There is something
magical about Bhutan, the simple yet mesmerizing land somehow manages to
touch your soul, balm it with peace, and even mend the broken heart. The
salubrious climate, the breathtaking views, and the majestic monasteries may
seem a cliched way to describe the beauty of Bhutan, but each word used for this
gorgeous country is in its purest form. Visiting and exploring Bhutan can be a
wonderful experience, something you will never forget. So, do you also want to
have this unforgettable experience? Yes, well, then this blog is for you. Allow me
to help you with the finest Bhutan travel guide that will let you plan your Bhutan
tour from India in the best possible way. Below is the step by step guide that will
help you plan your tour without any hassle or confusion to this land of Thunder
Dragon. So, let’s get started!
Yes, Bhutan is a country like no other. Visit Bhutan, it is unique, it is different,
and it is truly inspiring and fascinating.
Where is Bhutan?
The Kingdom of Bhutan is a small landlocked country located in the southern foothills of
the Himalayan mountain range, sandwiched between the People’s Republic of China in
the north and the Republic of India in the south.
It is a sovereign nation, with a total land area of 38,394 km² and a total population of
735553 (2017).

Travel to Bhutan : How to get into Bhutan?
How to get into Bhutan? The first option how to get into Bhutan is either by
Flight into Paro Bhutan by one of the two Airlines, Druk Air, The national flag
carrier or by Bhutan Airlines, A private Airline company. The second option on
how to get to Bhutan is by road from the Southern part of the country.
Flights to Bhutan
Druk Air and Bhutan Airlines are the only two Bhutanese Airlines that operate
flights to Bhutan.
 Druk Air – Royal Bhutan Airlines is the National Flag carrier of the
kingdom of Bhutan and operates 4 (3- A319) and 1 ATR 42-500) series
Aircrafts and flies to and from Singapore, (Kolkotta, New Delhi, Gaya,
Mumbai, Bagdogra and Gauhati in India), Bangkok (Thailand), Kathmandu
(Nepal). Druk Air also flies to domestic destinations Yonphula, Gelephu
and Bumthang.
 Bhutan Airlines, a private Airline operates 2 A319 aircrafts with a seating
capacity of 126 passengers, flies to Bangkok via Kolkotta on daily basis
and 3 flights to Delhi, India via Kathmandu.
Traveling to Bhutan by Road
For traveling to Bhutan by road, you have to enter Bhutan from three Southern
districts of Phuentsholing which shares border with Indian border town of

Jaigaon (West Bengal), Gelephu and Samdrup Jongkhar share border with the
Indian state of Assam. The nearest airport is at Bagdogra (174 kms. – 4 hour
drive) and you can combine traveling to Bhutan after or before your Darjeeling
and Sikkim trip in Northern East India.
Travel cost to Bhutan
For tourists travelling to Bhutan in groups of 3 people or more, the minimum
daily travel cost to Bhutan is as follows:
 Peak season months (high season) March, April, May, September, October
& November, the rate is USD $225 per person per night.
 Lean season months (low season) June, July, August, December, January &
February, the rate is USD $180 per person per night.
The minimum Bhutan travel packages cost includes:
 Accommodation in minimum of 3 star Hotels (4 & 5 star require extra
payment) and is inclusive of all three meals a day.
 Licensed driver and local tour guide during your entire Bhutan trips.
 Transport within the country by SUV, Mini Bus or larger Coaster Bus
depending upon the size of Bhutan group Tour (excluding Domestic
 Trekking equipment and logistics.
 Entry fees for museum and Monuments.
 Royal Bhutan Government’s Royalty @ $65 per person per night.
You will be provided breakfast on your departure day and transfer you to
Airport for your onward journey.
FIT Surcharges
Extra supplement charges (FIT surcharges) will be levied for small groups
(below 3 pax) in addition to the above mentioned minimum daily Bhutan trip
Single Person: US $ 40 per night.
Group of 2 persons: US $ 30 per person per night.
International Tour Operators traveling to Bhutan on promotional and marketing
trips to Bhutan or on business study approved by the Tourism Council of Bhutan
need not pay these additional surcharges.
The climate in Bhutan is extremely varied, which can be attributed to two main factors-the
vast differences in altitude present in the country and the influence of North Indian
Climate & Weather : Travel to Bhutan

Climatic Zones of Bhutan
Southern Bhutan has a hot and humid subtropical climate that is fairly unchanging
throughout the year. Temperatures can vary between 15-30 degrees Celsius (59- 86
degrees Fahrenheit). In the Central parts of the country which consists of temperate and
deciduous forests, the climate is more seasonal with warm summers and cool and dry
winters. In the far Northern reaches of the kingdom, the weather is much colder during
winter. Mountain peaks are perpetually covered in snow and lower parts are still cool in
summer owing to the high altitude terrain.

Bhutan has four distinct seasons in a year.
The Indian summer monsoon begins from late-June through July to late-September and
is mostly confined to the southern border region of Bhutan. These rains bring between 60
and 90 percent of the western region’s rainfall. Annual precipitation ranges widely in
various parts of the country. In the Northern border towards Tibet, the region gets about
forty millimeters of precipitation a year which is primarily snow. In the temperate central
regions, a yearly average of around 1,000 millimeters is more common, and 7,800
millimeters per year has been registered at some locations in the humid, subtropical
south, ensuring the thick tropical forest, or savanna.
Bhutan’s generally dry spring starts in early March and lasts until mid-April. Summer
weather commences in mid-April with occasional showers and continues to late June.
The heavier summer rains last from late June through late September which are more
monsoonal along the southwest border.
Autumn, from late September or early October to late November, follows the rainy
season. It is characterized by bright, sunny days and some early snowfalls at higher
From late November until March, winter sets in, with frost throughout much of the country
and snowfall common above elevations of 3,000 meters. The winter northeast monsoon
brings gale-force winds at the highest altitudes through high mountain passes, giving
Bhutan its name – Drukyul, which means Land of the Thunder Dragon in Dzongkha (the
native language).
.FESTIVALS : During your travel to Bhutan
….Bhutan is rich in cultural diversity and this richness ….is further enhanced by the wide
variety of ….elaborate and colorful religious festivals that are ….celebrated throughout the
country. Every village is ….known for their unique festival though the most ….widely
known is the annual Tshechu, an annual ….religious festival.
….As the Tshechu begins, the villagers and the ….general populace dress in their finest
clothes and ….congregate at their local temples and monasteries ….where these festivals
take place. Tshechus are usually occasions to mark important events in the life of the
second Buddha, the Indian/Pakistani Tantric master known as Guru Rinpoche or the
Precious Master. Various mask dances are performed together with songs and dances
for three days on average.
These religious celebrations are lively, high-spirited affairs during which people share
meals of red rice, spicy pork, Ema Datshi and Momos (pork/beef dumplings) whilst
drinking the heady traditional rice wine known as Ara. These occasions provide the
villagers with a respite from the hard labor of their day to day lives and gives the
community an opportunity to catch up with family and friends.

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