Unsere Empfehlungen für Aryuveda behandlungen in Indien

7 tolle Ayurvedaretreats in Indien

Now that an Ayurveda treatment sounds tempting, you’ll need to find a good place to get it done from. Here are 7 options that will offer the best doctors, the best service, and the best Ayurvedic experience in the whole of India.

These Ayurveda stays could be combined with any of our Trip to Rajasthan or South India to have wonderful experience of India.

Ananda In the Himalayas

Anandais an Ayurvedic retreat in the Indian Himalayas. It is known as one of the best Ayurvedic retreats in India due to its prime location. On the foothill of the beautiful mountain range is this open-air retreat. It isn’t just a treatment center but also a teaching facility. You can meditate in the open grounds of Ananda. With over 100 treatments, you can avail the spa to the maximum. Other than Ayurvedic treatments, Ananda also offers an outdoor swimming pool, treks, and outdoor safari adventures. All these facilities paired with the mesmerizing location increase the effectiveness of Ayurveda!

Kalari Kovilakom

It would only be fair to add the name of Kalari Kovilakomin the list of the best Ayurvedic retreats in India. It is a spa where you can get state of the art massages. However, what makes it stand out is the fact that is has been built inside a restored 19thcentury mansion. The antique and vintage vibe automatically brings mental peace to anyone going through stress. This place has its own gardens where Ayurvedic herbs are grown. Of course, not all herbs can be grown in this limited space. However, the others that are required by the spa are sourced locally. If you’re into traditional Keralan Ayurvedic treatments, this is the place for you to go to. Satisfy your vegetarian needs with special meals designed for you while a professional works on your body to rid every muscle of stress and pain. Along with massages, you’ll find herbal medicines as well as relieving baths in this retreat. 

Nattika Beach Ayurveda Resort

The Nattika Beachand Ayurveda Resort opened in 2010. Within this short time, its quality of service helped the place gain popularity. The resort is located on the Nattika Beach. It is just 67 kilometers away from the Cochin International Airport which makes it easily accessible. In the 16 acres of lush lawns, there are 52 villas that accommodate guests and offer a luxurious stay. Other than the physical massages, everything possible that will help you make feel better mentally is also available at the resort. You have access to a library, swimming room, recreational activities, cultural programs, and a lot more. The perfect personalized treatment can be availed at this resort. With a peaceful environment and 49 professional masseurs, you won’t regret a second of your visit. The variety of treatments offered here help the patient relieve stress as well as any diseases that the body could be prone to. This place is full of entertainment and relaxation, all in one place!


The one retreat that is claimed to have marked the start of Ayurveda treatment in India is Somatheeram. It isn’t just India’s, but the world’s first ever Ayurvedic resort to have been built. Due to its long history, it is definitely a place where you will find a lot of experts who offer world-class knowledge as well as treatments. Located just right on the corner of the Arabian Sea, it has a relaxing location. The Ayurvedic treatments along with the calming sound of the waves are definitely one of its kind relaxations. Just like you would expect from an Ayurvedic retreat, Somatheeram does offer amazing and intensive treatments. You will find trained professionals for Ayurveda along with yoga classes too. This wellness center is much more than just a calming retreat. Instead, it is a luxurious getaway. Guests get to live in private villas to enjoy Ayurvedic arts without any interference. 


If you research Ayurveda treatments in India, one of the most prominent names will be of Dr. Mathai. He is a well-known holistic health professional who runs the Soukya retreat. You can get to this place via Bangalore most easily. Dr. Mathai has designed every treatment at the spa keeping in mind all the traditions along with the modern day issues. It is a must visit place if you are in search of some calming place. To get the peace of mind that seems to be missing from your life, try the perfectly created meals and treatments of Soukya. Every individual guest is given attention. Amid the beautiful gardens of the area, you can let your body wash away all the negativity with just one treatment!

Travancore heritage 

At the Travancore heritage, there is one of the best Ayurvedic retreats in India. The name of this retreat is Anandam. This place is determined to bring back all the traditions that are attached to the ancient Ayurvedic treatments. There are specific packages for every season. Some unique Ayurveda treatments in India can be found at Anandam. There are massages that are meant to make you feel more beautiful. Similarly, there is rejuvenation therapy, clinical packages, etc. Other than getting the treatments, you also have the opportunity to learn more about this herbal tradition. Roam around the gardens where herbs are grown while a guide lectures you on the history and benefits of the method. This resort is located 23 kilometers away from Trivandrum airport. You can easily get to the resort via air, rail or road. With 16 acres of land, the Travancore heritage offers open space so that visitors can truly get a breath of fresh air. You will not be disappointed with the Ayurvedic treatments or the luxurious stay at this place.

Vana Malsi Estate

In the Himalayan area on Uttarakhand is the Vana Malsi Estate. Visitors describe it as a 5-star retreat. Hence, it won’t be wrong to call it one of thebest Ayurvedic retreats in India. It has a beautiful location. You’ll find lychee and mango trees surrounding the area. Tranquility and peace take over the spa to make it a mesmerizing spot for herbal massages. On visiting the Vana Malsi Estate, you’ll experience a very personal treatment. Every visitor is treated with extreme attention. Personalized plans allow the guests to avail maximum benefit during their visit. 

Which treatment to opt for during your Ayurveda treatments in India

When you visit these best Ayurvedic retreats in India, you will surely be overwhelmed with the variety. Although Ayurvedatreatmentsin India are mostly traditional, they have advanced. You will have a lot of options to choose from. Here are a few suggestions that every person, healthy or sick, can enjoy.


This is a general body massage that eases all the muscles of the body. The overall massaging of the muscles encourages blood flow. People who want to be physically fit can get this massage for toning their muscles. Any stiff joints will be eradicated with this treatment. The Uzhicil massage also stimulates the nervous system. 

Foot Massage

The foot massage involves massaging the body with the help of the masseur’s feet. This may sound weird if you haven’t previously had experience with Ayurvedic treatments. However, the heavy pressures that the feet exert help get rid of inflammation, obesity, muscle damage, etc. This is also a recommended massage for people who prefer body fitness

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